The Chemical Blue V2: 7 questions with our Creative Director Emmanuel Duru

15 November 2021

We chatted with our Creative Director Emmanuel Duru to get to know his process for design and creative direction for our most hyped about V2 ever: the Chemical Blue colourway.

Q: First and foremost, why did you choose blue?

A: I felt like we’ve been so safe with putting out colours that are neutral - when I saw the blue I wanted a statement, pop of colour that would sit well amongst our existing neutral pieces. I feel like the blue really stands out against our neutral range and is a nice contrast, it felt like it was time to introduce a piece like this into our collection.

Q: Funnily my next question was gonna be what made you go for such a vibrant colour amidst our neutral shades, but to be honest i think you’ve answered it!

A: Yeah I felt I wanted to challenge the brand visually, even though we’re known for our neutrals - you never know til you try it, I thought let’s try something outside the box

Q: Why did you choose the V2 for this colourway?

A: The V2 is our best selling style - with such a different colourway for us i wanted to use it for an item our Seventh fam already knew and loved, this colour would enhance our already familiar piece - 

- you wanted to elevate the existing style?

A: Yeah exactly

Little Simz wearing the Chemical Blue set at the O2

Q: Who did you envision wearing these pieces when conceptualising the Chemical Blue V2?

A: That's a good question - I envisioned, to be honest, the fashionistas for this piece. Our clientele gravitate towards us for our grab and go, go with everything pieces that you don’t have to think about to create a well styled outfit. But this V2 is for when people think ‘I’ve got an event, I wanna wear something that makes me stand out - I’ve arrived’. It’s definitely for people that want to make a statement, whilst being cozy and warm. 

Q: For the creative direction, how did you want to show our Seventh fam the new colourway?

A: I wanted it to be simple and effortless, the colour is already quite loud - 

- It speaks for itself!

A: Exactly, it speaks for itself, we had minimal movement in the piece on our shoots for the campaigns. I feel like the colour already has a presence about it, you don’t need to do too much.

Q: Where would you personally wear this piece?

A: I would wear this piece if I was going out Central London, shopping so that everyone could see me wear it *Laughs*. One thing I do love about this piece is it’s such a simple silhouette, it’s not like you really tried to dress up, but when you add this colour it really draws the eye. It’s simple but statement.

Q: Finally, do you think you’ll bring out more vibrant colourways of the V2?

A: Definitely! We’re already looking at more colour options for the V2 design, everyone's gonna have to stay tuned for more but our Seventh fam should know we’ve got some fire colours in the pipeline after the success of the Chemical Blue.

Shop the Chemical Blue set - Mens here, Womens here.


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