Mother's Day with Seventh

25 March 2022

This year we wanted to celebrate our Seventh mothers by inviting them to bring their families along to a photoshoot with us, styling them in our pieces and asking them all about their experiences within the world of motherhood and how they’ve evolved with their children.

We learned a lot from them and wanted to share the wisdom we got throughout the day with you guys, here’s some of the things our Seventh mums/moms/mothers had to tell us:

Temi was asked how she stays true to herself whilst being a mother:

“I think that I’ve learnt that the truth is changing and always evolving, and at this stage of my life where I’ve become a mother that things are different and that’s ok. So I’ve evolved, my priorities are different but at the same time I ask for help, and I use the support system around me to make sure I’m still myself, but still his perfect mother”.

Chariza was asked what her duties as a godmother make her think about motherhood and her perspective on what motherhood is:

“I think seeing my sister go through her pregnancy and through to now it’s been so life changing, for myself and the whole family, I can’t wait to see her grow. My god daughter looks so much like me, she’s my mini-me and she’s even got my personality. Although I don’t have any plans for motherhood I get so excited when they visit and I spend so much time (and money!) on her."

We asked Billy what her favourite personality trait of her mum (Deb) is - 

"How nurturing she is, I love how she still cuddles me like I’m a child."

We also asked Billy and her mum what they would like to experience together in the future - 

"A trip away together, a weekend in Paris in our long coats (laughs), we’d go shopping then a bar, maybe a coffee."


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